Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Contest is ON! Holiday Moments

My son has been saving his money he earns through making good grades. I always tell him that the grades he earns now will effect how successful he will be in life. When you have a job and you do it well, you will get paid well. So I pay him for his hard work.
He has been browsing and looking online for a present for me. At first, I thought it was sweet but then I was beginning to worry that he was just getting caught up with the whole Black Friday frenzy. This concerned me. I don't want him to spend his "hard-earned" money just because of the exciting ads, commercials, and news coverage about shopping during the holiday season. I decide that this can be a learning experience about his money and spending. 
"I found the prefect present for you!" he shouts. I charge it, promise not to look at the item, and he happily hands me over his earnings (which will probably just gradually end up back to him). A week passes and the package arrives. I am confined to my room while he wraps the gift with a label and bow. When I am released from my room, he places the first gift of Christmas under our tree. The word "beaming" is a mild description of his face. He is so proud of himself. Okay teaching moment worked out. Yeah!
But I was wrong. Dead wrong.  It wasn't until yesterday did I realize the true teaching moment. I was cleaning up the family room when I happened to glance at the first gift under the tree. I did a double-take and looked closer at the label. The label read "To: Mom, From: Shelly." He had not only bought me a gift but had made it from our cat. My eyes welled up at this unselfish act from such a small person. He gave credit to the cat even though he did it himself.
He gave me the greatest present a parent could receive: humbleness.
With that, the next contest: Share about a Holiday moment or memory you had in your life. You can win Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown kit. It comes with a nonslip yoga mat, yoga block for support, and a yoga strap for flexibility.  I will pay for the shipping! Post here or on the Facebook page. Contest ends Friday, December 16, 2011 11:59pm. Good luck and tell a friend! 

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