Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing on the Walls

We borrowed text structure from the master of writing Gretchen Bernabei with a little spin to make it our own. The purple text structure is for our animal research. We wanted to add an element of science TEKS about animal adaptions and inherited traits. The yellow text structure is for our biography on Martin Luther King Jr. 
Please DO NOT get the impression that this is fill-in-the-blank. Sometimes, and I have to say most of the time, my students need structure in their writing. In fact, a few students need just one box to start their piece. But thinking about my SpEd and LEP students, this is a great scaffold. 

We have been publishing like crazy! Students are exploring expository text about Martin Luther King Jr and Animal Research Project. I am loving the writing all over the place instead of just my anchor charts.

ChatterKids and Natural Hazards