Monday, November 28, 2011

First Contest: Relaxation

Mondays seem the most tiring for me and I am in desperate need of a "couch nap." Yes, I have turned into my father with sleeping on the couch for an hour after work. As a kid, I would come home and see my dad sleeping on his side with his white crew socks knocked out. With a eye-rolling look, I vowed that I would not get THAT old.
Well now on Mondays, my couch calls me and happily answer with a greater understanding to my father's snooze.

For the contest, simply post here or on the Facebook page: What do you do for relaxation or simply rejuvenate yourself?
The contest ends Sunday, December 4, 2011  11:59pm. I'll post who the winner is and the winner can inbox or email their address. I'll mail your prize to you. Good luck and tell a friend!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm giving away a Bath and Body Lavender Vanilla 6.5 oz lotion this week. Look for the opportunity to win simply by posting here or on my blog. No cost to you! Good luck!

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I created this blog for all of the moms out there who work and try to keep it together. You are not alone! Also for anyone who like prizes. I enjoy giving out prizes and most people like to receive prizes. I will do little contests that just require a post in the comments section of this blog or on Facebook. The contests can range from responding to a question to writing a simple poem. I'll post a picture of the prize, pick the winner, and mail it to you free of charge. I'll even pay for shipping!
Why you say? I say why not! People in my life have been so good to me, especially when I was a new mom, a new teacher, and a new Texan. Just my way of paying that kindness back.

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