Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scooping up Sight Words!

This literacy station is fairly simple and fun. Write your grade level sight words on different color ice cream wooden spoons. Use small plastic cups for the "ice cream flavors." I made cookies dough, chocolate, cookies and cream, French Vanilla, black cherry, mint chip, and strawberry (left to right).  I found these at King Dollar $1.09 in the party/craft section. Students pick a spoon, read the word, spelling it, and put it in their ice cream cup. Play with a partner to see who can get the most scoops correctly.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

QR-Codes Fortune Math Stations

I found these cute Pirates Plunder Money Change  station for my class from Easy Peasy Primary Resources.
I decided to add a bit of technology to the workstation by making QR codes Fortunes. When the student wins the station, they can pick their heart fortune, scan with iPad app, and go back to the workstation to start a new game.

 You need QR Codes, scissors, glue, and heart die-cuts. You can use any die-cut but since it's almost Valentine's Day, I'm using hearts. How cute and cheesy!

Cut out QR Code and glue it the die-cute. Make about 20. You can print my QR Codes or make your own at I just typed in fortunes, created it small, and pasted into Microsoft Word document.
Students scan the heart fortune and receive their fortune. Talk about FUN and motivating. 

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