Saturday, October 26, 2013

Starting Storyjumper

My students starting using recently as a means to create fiction, nonfiction, procedural, and poem books. I started with an exploratory initial lesson with the choice of personal narrative, a Halloween fiction story, or a nonfiction book about Helen Keller or Ruby Bridges.

Students are able to use pre-made template or from scratch. Storyjumper has a variety of different setting and pictures that can be manipulated into full illustrations. It also has a nice choice of text for the students to choice from.

The Classroom Edition is designed to give teachers an interface to manage and review students' work, enable kids to share stories between the classroom and home,  and maintain strict privacy controls over student information (Storyjumper, 2012).
Storyjumper (2012) Storyjumper-Classroom Edition. Retrieved from

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Social Studies: Communities

We watched the Brainpop Jr about Community Helpers. We made a grid of important people in the community and discussed What If We DIDN'T Have Them. Students responded on post-its in pairs.
Comparing and defining Rights and Responsibilities of a citizen.

We watched Kid Nation and charted what a community/government needs to run properly. Please note it should say "did not set any rules."

ChatterKids and Natural Hazards