Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Drama with Comprehension

Nonfiction Main Idea with Supporting and Cause & Effect

Social Studies: Map Skills and Landforms

Students viewed BrainPopJr's Reading Maps. Each student has their own MyBrainPop account and thus were able to be independent logging in and watching the video. We focused on three main points about reading a map: compass rose, map key, and the map scale. Our last quadrant was a reflection question we used as an exit ticket. 

This is a Sheltered Strategies method called Pictorial Input. Students  and teachers create vivid color-coded visuals with high academic language. This one is about how people adapt to their desert environment. 

This Pictorial Input is about how people adapt to living on a mountain in Social Studies. 

This Pictorial Input is about how people adapt to living on a wetland such as Galveston. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Writing with the coLAR App

We tried a new app to inspire us to writing outside of the box. We are trying new things to make incredible things that were once unimaginable. Introducing the app colAR Mix.

I printed the free pages for the students to choose to color. They were so eager to start after I showed the website's demo video that they didn't even put their back pack away. Just jumped right in! 

Students simply captured the image and animation created! Students were inspired to make fictional stories. 

Here is one student's draft of a story inspired from the bird page. 

ChatterKids and Natural Hazards