Monday, January 2, 2012

Kickin' It: Kick 3 Bad Habits

It always seems like every year, I am always adding to my New Year's Resolution List. This year I have decided to delete bad habits. Instead of adding resolutions that last until about ...January 15, I am getting rid of three bad habits. 
Bad Habit #1: Flossing
I hardly floss. So bad, I know. I should know better because the lady who cleans my teeth always busts my chops about it. "You hardly come to the dentist. And you never floss." Tsk Tsk Tsk. My appointment is January 10 and let's hope by deleting this bad habit will improve her mood about my teeth. Well, actually improve my teeth too.
Bad Habit #2: Sleeping
I'll be honest. I only get 6 hours or less sleep at night. I go to bed very late which is really not necessary.  That sleep that I do get is not restful either. I think I stay up late until I feel completely exhausted and then I head to bed. Guess what? I wake up completed exhausted. So good-bye, Bad Habit #2, I'll going to bed two hours earlier. I might even get to read!
Bad Habit #3: Spending

Is it just me or not spending money hard? I never realized how much I spend daily. It might just be something small like the vending machine for a soda or picking up dinner because I stayed too late at school. But over time, those daily unnecessary spending adds up. I'm kicking the weekly habit of eating out. That alone can be unhealthy and also wastes money. 
Hopefully my three deletions will add up to a better ME in 2012. Gosh, that was cheesy.
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